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Welcome To Indian Talking Books

We are Tiger books limited and our website is called

We provide you the best quality of Audio which will enhance your experience.

Tiger books limited was established in United Kingdom around 1985 to create audio books in Hindi, Urdu, punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali for visually impaired readers who could not read printed material, but it was soon realised that they were also useful for multitasking while attempting mundane jobs like cleaning the house, going on long drives or ironing and cooking etc. You just switch the audio tape or compact discs on, and listen to novels, short stories, religious works or other pieces of recording while engrossed in doing different work. The selected books are written by famous authors and recorded in professional recording studios by actors and narrators.

There are more than 200 titles available in various languages and are being used for entertainment, learning languages and being listened by people who understand the spoken language but cannot read the written script.

We hope you will enjoy our books as much as we enjoy creating them. So why not give your eyes a rest and listen to a talking book.